Dog Dreams

After giving us all that unconditional love, it's time we showed some love to our wonderful dogs as a thank you. Surprise them with the most comfortable beds they'll ever have, or with a handmade leash to show their friends. All of our products are designed with your pup in mind, and we want what is best for them!

Meet Our Founders

Juliet co-founded Hound & Home with the aim of bringing an elegant aesthetic to a mundane dog bed market. A proud dog mom to a golden doodle, she puts her best friend before herself, and wants to give back all of that unconditional love.

Geena is passionate about giving dogs the best life, and is proud mom to a rescue from Redemption Paws. She felt that providing a sustainable dog bed for dog owners was long overdue and figured that dogs deserve comfy, memory foam beds too.

Alex has grown up with dogs all his life, and has a rescue of his own from Calgary. After moving to Toronto, he loved how many dogs were in the city, and wants nothing more than to do what he can to help us give back to our best friends.  

Anne-Marie, our Ouma, has travelled the world and always had her dogs by her side. From Argentina to South Africa, and now in Canada, she has loved dogs all her life, and has always found a way to make a new place feel like home for them.